Sunday, December 23, 2018


     Let’s have a little C. S. Lewis:

     “Yes,” said Weston at last, “and I will begin with a frank admission. You may make what capital of it you please. I shall not be deterred. I deliberately say that I was, in some respects, mistaken — seriously mistaken — in my conception of the whole interplanetary problem when I went to Malacandra.”

     Partly from the relaxation which followed the disappearance of the pistol, and partly from the elaborate air of magnanimity with which the great scientist spoke. Ransom felt very much inclined to laugh. But it occurred to him that this was possibly the first occasion in his whole life in which Weston had ever acknowledged himself in the wrong, and that even the fake dawn of humility, which is still ninety-nine per cent of arrogance, ought not to be rebuffed — or not by him. (From Perelandra)

     A Swedish theologist has publicly denounced Islamism. A couple of detractors have leaped on her act of considerable courage with comments to the effect of “It’s about BLEEP!ing time.” This is small minded told-you-so crap that decent persons should condemn. An awakening to and admission of one’s own errors is not to be derided!

     The Swedes are awakening to their danger. Many others remain asleep. Don’t pour contempt on the first flickering sparks of wisdom reborn.


cmblake6 said...

And about bloody time they stood up! This was insane that they let it get so far!

Linda Fox said...

It is a crack in the wall of ignorance - it is to be applauded.

As a teacher, at times, a student would say something in an amazed tone of voice, that was so basic and obvious that I had to work to keep the amusement off my face. The proper response to that is "tell me more about this idea you have". I mean, its old and obvious to me, but completely new to the kid.