Monday, May 13, 2019

Are We Reaching THAT Moment?

Many seem to think so. Certainly, gun sales would indicate that many are preparing for THAT day.

Everyone has a Last Straw. That moment when all rational self-control, all fear of consequences, all fear - ALL go out the door.

Many reached that point under the Obama administration. But, not enough.

The Mueller investigation, for others, was that Last Straw.

But, again, not enough.

The Democrats, led by political hacks and grifters, and urged to act by ignorant and bigoted fools, are digging in. They will NOT accept the Mueller report, continue to try to get their coup off the ground, and look to go down in flames in 2020. If the more loony of them don't start open rebellion.

One great thing about Trump's election is that it damped down the rebellion talk on the non-Leftist side. The bad thing is that the Leftists have become 'progressively' unhinged.


Avery Burns said...

Trust no government.Republican and Democrat are two sides of the same coin.

John said...

It seems to get progressively more tense, daily, at least in the news stories I read. Locally? Not so much.

cmblake6 said...

If it must be so, then so be it.